Your skin can benefit from a regular night cosmetic procedure because your skin absorbs the vital nutrients when you are asleep. A nigh treatment procedure will yield the best results because that is when you are relaxed and, therefore, the skin repairs the damaged cells without interruption. Notably, blood flow, amino acid, and water content are higher during the night. The skin’s capacity to produce new cells improves during the night and decreases during the day.

Types of Overnight Creams

There are two types of overnight creams, which you can use during your night cosmetic procedure. Firstly, you can use anti-aging cream. Anti-aging cream is a skin-filming cosmetic product, which slows down the aging process. It contains glycolic acid, retinyl acetate, and retinol, which enhance the skin regeneration and rejuvenation. In addition, these ingredients reduce the wrinkles, diminish the appearance of the aging spots and, eliminate fine lines on your face.

You can opt for the overnight anti-aging formula if the above-mentioned ingredients affect your skin during the day. It is important to note that retinyl becomes inactive when exposed to the sun. In this regard, it is used in the overnight formula to enhance its effectiveness. Conversely, some ingredients can cause heightened skin sensitivity if exposed to the UV rays. Therefore, when carrying out your regular night cosmetic procedure, you can these anti-aging creams, and avoid UV rays exposure.

Secondly, you can use deep moisturizing creams in your night cosmetic procedure because they are responsible for restoring moisture on dry skin. Overnight moisturizing creams contain high levels of emollients, which enhances the moisture absorption at night. In most cases, overnight moisturizing is vital if you experience extra dryness on your skin. According to dermatologists, overnight creams contain vital ingredients that improve the skin appearance.

It is important to note that overnight moisturizing creams contain peptides and vitamin C, which are essential nutrients of skin hydration and rejuvenation. Peptides are responsible for boosting the collagen production on your skin, thereby promoting skin firmness. Moreover, Vitamin C is a vital ingredient that enhances collagen production. Overnight creams are heavier and more hydrating than daytime creams and that is why they are vital to use in your night cosmetic procedure.


Doing a regular night cosmetic procedure will keep your skin hydrated and slow the aging process. Ingredients like retinol, Vitamin C and peptides will reduce the wrinkles on your face and promote skin hydration. Most importantly, these ingredients will repair the DNA on your skin and improve cell rejuvenation and regeneration when you are sleeping. Subsequently, you will have a fresh and rejuvenated skin that will withstand the environment stressors like UV rays and dehydration cause by exposure to harsh weather.